Giving weight & Consent in Contact Improvisation – Zaal 100 10.8.2019 (Amsterdam)

In Contact Improvisation we share the weight and dance with the physical attributes of gravity that effect two bodies in contact. We invite the other person to give their weight onto us, and we offer our own weight and body into them.

The word consent has become a wide used concept, and it was brought as well into the Contact Improvisation world.

Consent means an active permission or an agreement for an invitation to receive or do something. It is the answer yes to an offer made by another person. In this workshop we will explore that field – of Non verbal and verbal consent in the realm of Contact Improvisation and sharing the weight.

Contact Improvisation is, in it’s origin, the dance form that revolves and explores the physicality of moving objects/dancers in shared contact. In the past years it has grown and diversified to encompass many other realms. The psychological aspects of two people dancing together in shared contact is now being addressed as well, and not covered under the carpet when it arises.

It might not be the main focus of CI, yet when it comes forward it is not being pushed away.

This workshop is a part and a small taster of a bigger weekend workshop that will take place in a few months regarding Contact Improvisation, Dance, Consent & Empowerment.
You are all welcome to join in for this workshop.

====== PRACTICALS ======
Class: 14:00-16:00h.
Cost: E 15,= (incl. jam) *

Jam: 16.00 – 18.00h
Cost for jam-only: E 5,=*
(the Jam is free for class-participants)

* Please bring exact change, if possible

Studio 100, Wittenstraat 100, Amsterdam
Ring the bell “Studio 100”

Registration is NOT needed; just come on time for the class, or come when you like for the jam

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