Rising Falls – Contact workshop in Amsterdam with Irene Sposetti (Italy) (7.12)

This workshop will include Contact Technique, Experiential Anatomy, Partnering Improvisation and Instant Composition.

In this workshop we will focus on exploring basic subtle principles of movement in order to deeply understand one’s weight and how it organizes within one’s body structure and mobile alignment. How it distributes and relates to the shift of the inclination of the body axis, shift of levels and spatial motion.

Learning how monitoring and balancing one’s own structure can be the Main Key for effortless and agile relating in contact, discarding therefore the equation in which contact means always baring of weight or crashing. Falling or rising, getting-offering support, leaning, tracking and following, flying and landing having as main tool one’s own ability to organize a fluid self-alignment at all times, managing wisely and efficiently the distribution of weight in motion and collaborating in it.

We will look at how empowering individual awareness and independence in partnering can inform one’s own choices and therefore nourish the relation.
How it enables the access to our own imagination, our ability to play and create. Hence how we can enjoy creative dialectics in our improvisations, being at ease in the unknown, welcoming questions, variations of tone, tempos, composing and enabling abstraction or narratives to arise from our dances.

“I believe any form of art can be considered a fundamental tool for human expression, a tool to investigate, relate and bridge, to explore one self, reality and going beyond it”.

PLACE – Studio Vredenburgh
Vredenburgersteeg 31-35, 1012 DZ Amsterdam

DATE – 7.12.2019

TIME – 18:00-22:00

INVESTMENT: 35-50 Euro (According to financial ability)

REGISTRATION – Send a mail to Sadhana.improdance@gmail.com
(Places are limited)

Irene Sposetti is a multidisciplinary performing artist, teacher and dance maker. She studies drama, classical music and dance.
While originally from Italy for the last nineteen years she has been living, travelling and working abroad as an independent freelancer. She is offering dance training, making performances and lectures in universities, schools, companies, festivals, cultural institutes, and independent platforms throughout Europe and Asia. Her artistic path has been therefore influenced by many different cultures and is deeply intertwined with self-inquiry investigations and practices.

The main theme of her movement research is Improvisation. Through her practice she aims for a heightened state of presence, increased awareness in the body, effortless motion, and a broadening of the technical and investigative skills of the mover. She has a particular interest in intuitive learning processes, empowering individuals, and promoting independent research and artistic projects. Irene is deeply engaged in the research of Contact & Improvisation by teaching, organizing dance events and promoting the growth of new CI communities, especially in China and India. She performs and directs using mainly improvisation and instant composition, investigating and combining movement, live music and text. Her choreographic work are performed in theaters, site specific, galleries, dance festivals, video projects and fashion shows.

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