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Contact Improvisation Course

In this course we will go through some of the fundamentals principles in Contact Improvisation – Sharing weight, Balance, off-balance, trusting the floor, our partner and ourselves, momentum, manipulation, rolling point of contact, flying, lifting and improvisation during a dance.

The course is intended for people who wish to explore and learn more in this wonderful way of dancing. No prior dancing experience is needed, if you have dancing experience it will make your progression faster.

Thursdays- 20:15-22:15

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Week Dance Retreat in France 27 July – 3 August

IMG_1165In this week dance retreat we will rediscover our movement and body in dance and awareness.

Dance is Movement with Awareness, and our natural movement is a way to bring ourselves back to our original state of being. In this retreat we will be exploring movement, dance and improvisation in movement – how to re-connect to ourselves and how to connect to others and to your true nature.

We will be dancing in the beautiful studio and will have as well sessions of dancing outside in the nature. You will get new tools for dancing, and a new way of looking at dance and dance improvisation.

Give yourself the chance and opportunity to allow a dance to happen, treat yourself for this dancing retreat.

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Dance Improvisation Intensive workshop 5.8-9.8 (Amsterdam, Crea)

IMG_2071Dance Improvisation is a complete and full world of exploration of movement and creativity in dance. It allows you to go into the body, talk and express yourself in a non-verbal way and find new ways to relate to other performers, to time, space and movement on stage. In its highest level, Dance Improvisation is a delicate art form of creating instant composition on stage.

The course
In this course you will expand your movement vocabulary. This course will help you to learn how to improvise and to create together with a group an improvised dance piece. You will start with recognizing your movement patterns and expand them, work on choreographic elements, yet learn how to keep them free. You will enhance your presence as a dance improviser on stage.

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Private and Group Lessons:

These lessons focus on increasing your ability to express yourself through dance and movement. They differ and change according to your level and needs.

We will focus on movement vocabulary, enriching your body language, physical communication, dance and improvisation technique.

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