Contact Improvisation lessons in Amsterdam – Thursday

Contact Improvisation

If you want to join the Classes that send a mail to

The classes takes place every week on Thursday 20:15-22:15 in a beautiful studio at Belcampo  loft – Hannie Dankbaarpassage 33, in front of the Film center in De Hallen. 
Places are limited & registration is Required.

  • 10 class Strippencard – 150 Euro
  • Try out class – 15 Euro

Here is a short video from one of our lessons:

In these lessons we will go through the fundamentals principles in Contact Improvisation – Sharing weight, Balance, off-balance, trusting the floor, our partner and ourselves, momentum, manipulation, rolling point of contact, flying, lifting and improvisation during a dance. We will explore as well the psychological and philosophical of this wonderful form of dancing.

The lessons are intended for people who wish to explore and learn more of this wonderful way of dancing. No prior dancing experience is needed, if you have dancing experience it will make your progression faster.

What is contact improvisation?


Contact improvisation is a dance technique that was introduced in the early seventies by Steve Paxton. its main issue is the physicality of two or more dancers that move together in contact. It can be a fast and acrobatic dance, or a gentle quiet and attentive dance. The dance changes all the time and allows the dancers to explore themselves, their body language and the way they are  interacting with other people.