Heart of Ecstatic Dance – Facilitator/Leaders training program 23-29 February

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A week-long training program for people who wish to create, facilitate and lead Ecstatic Dance! A learning experience into the core principles that make Ecstatic Dance a magical journey…

Heart of Ecstatic Dance is a 7-day training program for everyone who feels the calling to create a dancing community. You will learn to manifest, hold, and facilitate your own unique Ecstatic Dance. It is a learning experience into the core principles that make Ecstatic Dance magical: holding and creating a safe space, dealing with challenges on the dance floor, building an inclusive community, and creating an ecstatic journey through conducting different ceremonies and soundscapes.

Every dance floor is special and each dancer is unique. It’s like learning a new language. It asks for curiousity, patience and lots of practice. In this program you will have hands-on experience with leading ceremonies and playing music – both in the training and by being involved in one or more Ecstatic Dances in Amsterdam. You’ll learn the ’magic tools’ as DJ’s, organizers and ceremony leaders that can create our ecstatic chemistry. We believe Ecstatic Dance only works when it has a strong beating heart. The guidelines are simple, but how do we make it magic?


  • 23-29 Feb 2020  
  • The Netherlands, Amsterdam, Mirror Centre
  • During this week training we wish to create a small and intimate dancing and learning community and therefore have places for only 20 participants.


  • Special: the first 4 subscriptions- € 500 (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Early bird price (till 1..2020) – € 650
  • Regular price – € 800-900 (according to income and financial ability)


To join this training please send us an e-mail with a description of yourself and the reasons behind your wish to join this week. Mail to:


Once received you will get a confirmation mail and all info will be sent to you. Also check our website for the event: www.heartofecstaticdance.com


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Tom Goldhand   *  Caroline S’Jegers *  Léon Beckx     

have danced and worked together on many dance floors and look forward to share their wide range of experiences with you.